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How Will YOU Stand Out In The College Admissions Process?

  • Move readers emotionally
  • Escape cookie-cutter writing
  • Bring out your passion and conviction
  • Impress your readers
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“Jonathan, she got a hand-written note from the regional admissions officer from Stanford which said, ‘I read your essays three times which I don’t really have time to do. You are so passionate about your beliefs that I knew we had to take you half way through reading your application.'”

“You are a masterful whisperer to young writers! Thank you for helping M. find his voice and beautifully lay out his heart, mind, and soul in his writing. With stakes so high, we feel so fortunate to work with you.”

“Jonathan, it’s an absolutely amazing feeling to know that I’ll be spending the next 4 years at Duke. I wanted to thank you once again for all your help.”

“Jonathan, the admissions officer from Princeton tracked her down during the admitted student weekend and told her that she loved both of her Princeton essays and began to talk with her about details from her application. Her essays left an impression.”

“Jonathan, she has been raving about how helpful you’ve been to her. Thank you!!”

“Jonathan!  M. was accepted for Columbia University (early decision). We are so happy for her. She worked hard and achieved her dream school – what else could a parent wish for?”

“A. is going to Brown! We are all so thrilled. Thanks for your guidance along the way!”

“Hey Jonathan! I just got my SAT scores back…I got a 750 in writing! Compared to a 550 last time. Thank you so much for all your help!”

“R. was accepted to MIT and London Imperial College – he just found out!”

“Jonathan clearly has a talent for instructing teen-aged kids and cares deeply about his work. When S. completed her first SAT series, he stayed in touch with us and was genuinely interested in the outcome of her test.”




“Hi Jonathan– I just wanted to let you know that I got in to Penn! Thanks so much for helping me with everything!!”

“Jonathan, you were the MOST effective tutor I encountered at Overlake.”

“Thanks again for all of your help. Your suggestion to change the topic of her essay, and your encouragement and editing support along the way, resulted in something that reflects R.’s voice, creativity and self-awareness. Most importantly, it’s something that she is proud of and feels confident about.”

“I got in to Stanford today!!”

“He could have NEVER done it without your help and support.”

“She got into Brown and will be going there!”

“Both boys say that you’re the best!  You’re an incredible teacher  and we’re truly grateful for how you’ve encouraged L. and helped him become a stronger writer. Writing can be such an arduous process for him but he keeps at it because of your influence. “


“You were honestly a great teacher, thank you :)”


“The opportunity to work with you this past year has been a blessed experience for which we are very thankful this holiday season.

“Fabulous news!  She got accepted at one of her top 2 schools….BC!  We are all beyond excited!


More Good News!

More Good News!

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It brings me joy to help students excel in academic writing, college application essays, and standardized tests. I will help your student to feel confident about his or her writing abilities, to hone his or her voice, and to excel on timed tests.


Jonathan ShaprioJonathan Shapiro has been a teacher and tutor for more than twenty years. After teaching high school English in Manhattan for nine years, and serving as the school’s college advisor, Jonathan relocated to Seattle in 2001 on a Klepser writing fellowship from the University of Washington.

Born in Teaneck, New Jersey, Jonathan’s BA is in English from Rutgers College. He received master degrees in writing from Sarah Lawrence College and the University of Washington. Trained as a teacher at Columbia University’s Teachers College, Jonathan is licensed to teach English in New York State and Washington State; he has also won awards for his poems. Along with tutoring, Jonathan teaches writing and English at Fordham University.

“Just wanted to let you know that I was accepted at Yale! Thank you so much for all your help preparing me for the SAT and with the essays, it made a huge difference and I really appreciate it!

New York Writing

Jonathan Shapiro | (917) 819-1204


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